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Riders who have won the most $$ won since 2015

Riders who have won the most $$ won since 2015


1. Scott Brash, UK 1.8 million
Ryder Scott became the first (and only so far) rider to take home the Rolex Grand Slam with the Rolex Grand Prix victory on the Achen and Spruce meadows. Along with his previous success at the Geneva Rolex Grand Prix 2014, it was awarded the Grand Slam title (at least today) with an additional bonus of one million euros.

2. Kent Farrington, USA Under 1.5 million euros
3. Simon Telestre, France 1.2 million euros

This year was the best Sweden Rolf-Goren Pengson In 13th place, with 788,400 euros.

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1. Scott Brash, UK 1.8 million
This year Scott again won the Rolex Grand Prix on Spruce Lawn and finished second in Aceh, in addition he won the World Cup in London and the World Championship in Cannes.
2. McLean Ward, USA 1.5 million euros
Christian Ahlman, Germany 1.4 million euros

This year was the best Sweden Rolf-Goren Pengson In 12th place, with 825,700 euros.

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1. Kent Farrington, USA 1.9 million euros

Farrington has won seven 5 * Grand Prix this year, with six of these being fantastic kessels.

2. Harry Smolders, Netherlands 1,270,000 euros
3. McLean Ward, USA 1.260.000 Euro

The best was Sweden Henrik von Eckerman 8th place with 1 million euros.

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1. Marcus Ehning, Germany 2.4 million euros

Ehning won the Rolex Grand Prix in Axin and Geneva, finishing second in the Grand Prix in Brussels and the World Champions League final in Prague.

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2. Michael van der Wluten, Netherlands Euro 1.9 million
3. Eduardo Alvarez Asnan, Spain 1.5 million euros

Henrik von Eckerman Sweden was in 17th place with just one million.

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1. Daniel Deuser, Germany 2.6 million euros

With wins in Mesoln and Bordeaux, Dசர்ser won the Western European World Cup, was part of the team that won the World Champions League final in Prague and also won the GCT Grand Prix in Hamburg.

2. Martin Fuchs, Switzerland 2,174,000 euros
3. Peter Friedrichson, Sweden 2,161,000 euros

Henrik von Eckerman Riding in 16th place for over 1 million euros.

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1. Julian Epilard, France 700,000 euros
Epidemic year 2020 was different in many ways and they were able to better host the competition by hubbite jumping at Epilard’s home ground in France, which was organized by 4 * and 5 * where Epilard was king, week by week. He won Grand Prix in Amsterdam, Bordeaux and St Lee.

2. Daniel Deuser, Germany 650,000 euros
3. Kent Farrington, USA 500.000 Euro

Henrik von Eckerman Best Sweden in 30th place with 204,500 euros this weird year.

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There are still three months of the year Daniel Tusser So far it has topped the rankings with 1.2 million euros. Steve Gordot Is in second place with 1 million euros Kent Farrington Third with 850,000 euros.
Peter Frederickson Ranked 10th with 589,000 euros. Henrik von Eckerman Ranked 20th with 473,000 euros.

Best girl on the list Laura Grott Ranked 18th with 511,500 euros.

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Lists are about the prize money won and not to be confused with the world rankings >>>