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Gunnar Johnson: The Tories have forgotten entrepreneurs

Gunnar Johnson: The Tories have forgotten entrepreneurs

God will save Brexit, Boris Johnson must have thought. Talk about plans. Here an EU is portrayed as the number one enemy of the British, and promises to give manna from heaven once the withdrawal is complete. Together, this led to both party leadership and a better electoral victory.

Without an iron guy, it is Not only because of the epidemic, but also because the political life of the Prime Minister is very tricky. Now imagine the gold and lush forests. Thus the menu was high Govt post-budget presented by the government This week.

“Leveling up” is Johnson’s new motto, balancing people’s conditions, but of course everyone is at the highest level. It also reflects how he absorbed disgruntled voters in the north of the UK, in the Brexit referendum and election. The Conservative Tories have become the Labor Party.

“Business can go to hell,” Boris Johnson said, while his deputies were concerned about the consequences of Brexit.

Brexit was sold as a way to “regain control”, especially of borders and immigration. The economic breakdown with Britain’s largest trading partner will not trigger any economic problems, no matter what the business community warns of.

Now that is true Its got thorns Shout labor shortage, The message has changed. Companies are said to be forced to hire British men for higher wages instead as they can no longer import poles. Cheers in the north of England.

While there is no automation in leading fewer immigrants to greater productivity it will be necessary. At the same time, inflation has accelerated in the UK and other Western countries. If wages rise, there is a risk that prices will get higher fuel, and then the wallet will not be high anyway.

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In addition, new Tories appear They have abandoned the entrepreneurs they have always loved before. “Business can go to hell”, Said Boris Johnson when its representatives were concerned about the effects of Brexit. But that is not enough and contractors are now paying wages without paying wages. In the spring, it was announced that the corporation tax would be raised from 19 to 25 per cent. The employer’s contributions should continue above.

The desire to raise the living standards of ordinary people is highly commendable. And a bourgeois party does not always have to engage in tax cuts. Government spending must be paid, and the epidemic revealed undeniable shortcomings, for example, health.

But the world already understood Tories that must be created before wealth can be distributed. Unrestricted markets and companies were seen as essential to this. Nowadays, maybe it’s hell.

As a lever for power, Brexit worked exactly for Boris Johnson. Devotional beliefs, however, are no substitute for a well-thought-out financial strategy.