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Unpleasant view of asylum seekers in the UK

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In several interviews, Nobel laureate Abdul Razak Kurna criticized Britain’s immigration policy.

“The government now seems undesirable in treating people seeking asylum in this country,” he told Reuters.

Kurna considers the view of immigrants in the country to be increasingly hostile, and it is noteworthy that the phrase “economic refugee” has taken on an almost criminal tone.

“For hundreds of years, millions of Europeans have left their home countries for that reason and occupied other parts of the world for that reason,” he says.

When SVT Nyheter met him at his home in Canterbury on Thursday night, he raised the issue again.

– Sometimes you think the situation of immigrants is better now, sometimes it seems that it is okay. You hear stories about how young people make incredibly difficult and dangerous journeys, like I did decades ago. It doesn’t seem to have changed much since then, he says.

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