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Let the forest grow on the hunting ground

Let the forest grow on the hunting ground

Queen Elizabeth owns more land than anyone else in Britain, and the property covers 323,748 hectares – the largest area, with nearly 650,000 football fields.

– There are large areas of land. The environmental conditions in these lands are not really so good, Chris Bacom tells the Guardian and takes the example of having over 20,000 hectares of temperate rainforest, now it is not important for hunting and deer hunting.

– This land is not being used for the benefit of all of us. Overall, the royal hectare has less forest than the national average.

Chris Baggum is a landscape photographer and researcher and presenter on British television. Along with students from 100 schools, he presented a collection of names signed by more than 100,000 Britons on Saturday.

The name collection proposes the Royal House to work actively before the climate conference Cop26 to improve environmental diversity and environmental conditions in the royal family property.

Names Collection The royal family is engaged in the task of recreating the natural beauty of their property.

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“Time for action”

According to the UN, allowing nature to return to previously restricted areas and take care of itself will increase biodiversity, carry carbon dioxide into the air and reduce the risk of flooding.

– This should be the final word. It’s time for action. We are in dire straits, and if the royal family accepts it before the climate summit, think about what clear message it has sent to the world, says Chris Backham.

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