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Familjen Mitchell mot maskinerna Betyg 4

Review: The Mitchell family against the machines – Kulturnytt in P1

title: The Mitchell family against the machines
Director: Michael Rianda and Jeff Rowe
Type: Animation/Family Comedy
can be viewed on: Netflix
rank: 4 of 5

Joachim Silverdale I saw “The Mitchells Against the Machines” and I understand that you are fire and fire?

Yeah! It’s super fun, has a heart in the right place and is based on a really horrifying animation style with flashes of everything from thunderbolts like “Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse,” but also to regular Snapchat filters.

What about that?

It’s a bit like “A Pear for Daddy” that took place during the robot apocalypse.

The father of the Mitchell family believes that a road trip across the United States should be good for the family who often sit with their noses up at their screens. But they only have halfway time before self-reflectional robots begin to emerge. In the end, only the Mitchell family and their little dog can save the world.

What makes you love him so much?

It is a very clever text, full of funny jokes. I would say that this is definitely the movie I laughed the most this year.

But then it also depicts in a gentle and human way how a family can diverge and what might be required for them to reach each other again. I would be lying if I said it didn’t last my eyes on several occasions.

And that thing winking at Snapchat, what does that mean?

Yes, the movie looks very much like a modern animated movie, beautiful and luxurious. But the kids in the family – like many kids of their generation – have grown up with social media and YouTube at hand.

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And in a movie that’s so much about modern technology, it makes sense that classic animations are sometimes interrupted by the more clumsy Snapchat filter aesthetic, where tiny colored stars follow the characters’ movements or an image can get framed with little dogs.

I love that! When animation technology evolves and you make a movie like this it feels unexpected and alive.