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Tre väninnor sitter och pratar, två av dem har full uppmärksamhet på nr 3, en författare som spelas av Meryl Streep.

‘Let them all talk’: Meryl Streep as a cultural figure – Kulturnytt at P1

title: Let them all talk
Director: Steven Soderbergh
the hands. Deborah Eisenberg
the actor: Meryl Streep, Candice Bergen, Diane West, Lucas Hedges M. Phil.
Type: drama
Broadcast service: HBO Nordic

Alice Hughes is a cultured man who wears a plaid skirt and shawls. She is a brilliant and successful literary writer who has invited two college friends as company and an audience on a transatlantic voyage.

Meryl Streep does a totally unbearable monologue, only shutting up when she notices listeners have started to flatten their eyes. She seems to enjoy playing the cultural guy. Eccentric, divine and full of disdain in front of the best-selling fellow detective on board. Not a single word you utter seemed to be rooted in any kind of real emotion. Everything is wonderful.

The combination of the fact that the movie is about a kind of crossover between the Gotland boat and the Titanic makes it a little claustrophobic. And “Let the all talk” is a bit like building a house, if you think of a podcast, but a movie. Simple technology, yet high profile personality. Steven Soderbergh directed and directed the camera and edited the film.

The script was written by actor Wallace Schön’s wife: Deborah Eisenberg and the design reminds us a bit of his classic: “My Dinner with Andre” by Louis Malle, and is just one long conversation at a restaurant table. Soderbergh also sought originality and allowed acting professionals Dianne Wiest and Candice Bergen, two life-disappointed friends who were clad in tents, to improvise. Their contradictory admiration and girlish hatred for the unbearable cultural monster Merrill deserves the entire movie.

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