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Tomt i salongen på Draken.

You should not miss the opportunity to attend this film festival in Gothenburg – Kulturenet in the first stage

The festival is held online, with some small exceptions, via the Internet. Kulturnytt critic Emma Engstrom got off to a fast start Thursday night, and was alone among the audience at the festival’s biggest cinema Draken.

A very special experience. The theme of the festival is social distancing, but I got closer to people on the white cloth than I was in the full salon. Like being alone in a very beautiful place. I watched a famous French movie called “Gagarin”, transforming what we usually call a particularly vulnerable place, it transforms a crumbling suburb into a familiar universe.

What kind of festival would this be?

– It remains to be seen. It is somewhat similar to the fact that the movies will be shown at specific times just like the show I was on yesterday. At each show, there will be one person in the audience, a kind of healing cinema experience.

But the big audience is sitting at home in front of their screens. I think the festival management is very nervous that the technology won’t work now, you usually know how many people can fit into a cinema, but how many people can fit into showing a movie online?

– Other than that, it will be a much smaller festival from about 400 films as it usually is to 70 films. And of course it is sad not to be able to mingle with others, but in this situation he is probably just starting to get used to it. Even after the pandemic, Emma Engstrom says it’s hard to see film festivals fully returning to normal.

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Although there aren’t as many movies as in the average year, are there any movies you’d recommend/look forward to?

– Next to Gagarin, then? Yes, Thomas Winterberg’s comedy-drama “Another Tour” is not to be missed. The festival kicks off with the first feature film about Tove Jansson, and it’s guaranteed that many will want to see it. Personally, I intend to turn to Berlin in Christian Petzold’s Undine, to an empty Venice in Molecules, part of the festival’s main theme, and see no less than three films about the phenomenon of influencers. .