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Porträtt av författaren Rumaan Alam klädd i blå skjorta och infällt är omslaget till hans bok Lämna världen bakom dig.

Review: Leave the World Behind By Roman Alam – Culturenet at P1

title: leave the world behind you
author: roman flag
Translator: Christian Ekvall

One big disaster and one smaller one – two distinct but unfamiliar families who have to live in a separate house. Roman Allam’s “Leave the World Behind” novel has already reached a large audience, and it will be a movie with Julia Roberts and Denzel Washington.

To leave on your own initiative The world is behind you for a vacation. This looks nice, doesn’t it?
The “perfect getaway” is what the Airb’n’b ad says about the secluded pool villa that Amanda is booking for a few summer weeks with her smoking husband Clay and their two teenage children.

It’s a beautiful home, but still convenient. Big but not too thin. They can pretend it’s theirs. So suddenly it knocks the owners unexpectedly. Although Amanda and Clay don’t know. They only see an unknown African American couple. An elderly man with the voice of a news anchor and a woman taken from a commercial for osteoporosis medicine.

Could they be dangerous?

Amanda thinks they don’t look like those who own such a beautiful home, as those who clean there. She is more interested in being seen as a good person than she is in reality.

Blackouts It happened on the East Coast of the United States and an elderly couple, Ruth and George, who watched the lights go out in New York, chose to lead against the illusion of security in the country. In the hut, phones, TV and the Internet stopped working. A disaster in itself for the people of today.

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None of the adults noticed that the birds and insects fell silent either.

The narration slips between the characters, the approach and the revelation, but then another narrator’s voice appears. Someone who knows more but only hints at a much greater catastrophe.

Now it doesn’t look like that It is no longer good to leave the world behind.

The title of the book is ambiguous. Roman Allam loves words and playing with them. Unfortunately, quite a lot, because even his apt notes are often overburdened.

And how important is it really when the ultimate downfall of the world is mostly about two distinct families and their distinct existence and view of it?

for safety They fill the bathtub with water, but they also take long showers, start the washing machine and polish the marble tub