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MIMI Releases First Single - “Sweetest” Released on 10/25

MIMI Releases First Single – “Sweetest” Released on 10/25

Although for the first time, MIMI’s sound may sound familiar to some. Music has been in the family throughout the young artist’s life, and two years ago, MIMI NEIKED was a guest on their single “Call me” which has so far amassed over 50 million broadcasts. When it’s time for a real show, it comes in the form of “Sweetest” single.

MIMI may be Swedish but the music is reminiscent outside the country. Influences from Britain and modern urban pop are evident. Sweetest is the first song from what will be peaking on this spring’s EP. The ambition is big and MIMI has sat from the start with a number of foreign producers and songwriters.

“Music has always been a big part of my life. I grew up in a family Creativity was always at the center. It took time to mature and find what feels like my voice, but with” Sweetest “and the music coming out, I really feel like I’m starting to find home.” – Mimi says.

Behind the artist’s name MIMI is Mimmi Sandén, so the genetics and circumstances are undeniable. “Sweetest” will be the first release of an EP in the spring. The music goes from calm as in “Sweetest” to urban-themed, club-friendly songs henceforth.

“I am inspired by everything from the spirit of the 90s / RnB to classic pop. With MIMI, I want to create a sound that suits both sweaty dance floors but also for those who like quieter and more dreamy music. And most importantly, I want to create a music that I love. I’m going to London this fall and continue with the EP. Then you see, it could be a guest performance or a remix with a funny guy. Things went well when I visited NEIKED. MIMI says.

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Ahla will be released on all platforms on 10/25.