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Controversial Approach - Formula 1 World Agrees to Present an All-New Feature Over Several Weekends in this Year's Toilet Series Grand Prix |  Sports

Controversial Approach – Formula 1 World Agrees to Present an All-New Feature Over Several Weekends in this Year’s Toilet Series Grand Prix | Sports

The F1 year is in full swing – and the series is sending out a new competition format in the middle of a scorching season. She entered the controversial sprint competition in the sport this year.

During Monday, the message arrived Which redraws the ongoing Formula 1 season a bit. Regarding three races, the sprint competition will be decided on Saturday.

It’s about a setup where drivers drive a hundred kilometers on a Saturday afternoon. The score in the sprint competition is the basis for the starting order in the actual F1 race on Sunday.

This is about the rhythm of the entire weekend. During Friday, morning practice takes place, and later in the day, regular qualifiers take place giving the starting order for Saturday’s competition. On Saturday, there is also morning practice on the program before the sprint competition.

The format is valid for one weekend in Europe and one weekend outside of Europe. The races in question are yet to be confirmed, but according to speculation Silverstone in the UK and Monza in Italy are within reach.

“Fans will watch the drivers race against each other for three days and I’m sure the drivers will enjoy that,” says Stefano Domenicali, CEO of Formula 1.

The first three get points

The new approach has been discussed and criticized to some extent, and the economic aspects have shaped the discussion. It is now reported that the FIA, Formula 1 and the 10 F1 teams have agreed on the format.

A highlight of the New Enemy competition is that the top three earn World Cup points – three points for one, two points for the second, and one point for the third.

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– Why should you have synthetic items during contest weekends just to make it more exciting? It’s about racing on Sunday, and nothing else, before the season starts, Yle Sport expert Fredrik F Petersen said.

This means that a well-equipped World Cup calendar gets more features. This year, 23 races are planned.

On Sunday, the third Grand Prix of the season will be decided in Portugal.