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Forskare vill skicka björndjur till annat solsystem

Researchers want to send bears to other solar systems

Using laser cannons, scientists want to send microscopic animals to another solar system. Ni Technic writes that the journey to Proxima Centauri could be completed in 20 years.

Researchers at the University of California, Santa Barbara, want to try to send very small objects on an interstellar journey. The idea is to test a new type of propulsion system.

Microscopic bears and roundworms could have been the first creatures from Earth to reach a different solar system. At least if the researchers get what they want.

So far, humans can’t get that far because conventional rocket fuel isn’t enough for flights of several light years. Instead, they want to use the big laser guns. The idea behind the use of microscopic animals is that they are known to be able to heal in difficult conditions.

The mini probe can reach the other solar system

Professor Philip Lubin, from the University of Santa Barbara, press release.

The tiny probes, which are very light but can still collect data, must carry away the tiny microorganisms.

Lubin estimates that the first craft could be about the size of a human hand and be powered by so-called sun sails, which get their thrust with the help of a laser at the Earth’s surface. Previous calculations showed that 100 gigawatts of power would be required for a few minutes to send a ship away, which are large energies.

If the method works in practice, it would take about 20 years to send a probe to our nearest solar system, Proxima Centauri. Philip Lubin envisions that the same propulsion technology of the future could also be used to travel within our solar system.

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