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Clues may indicate that Age of Empires 4 may be tested on Xbox

Clues may indicate that Age of Empires 4 may be tested on Xbox

Could a port to the console be on its way?

Xbox gamers who love strategy can rejoice in discovering this age of empires 4 May undergo internal testing on the platform. Twitter user Alumia_Italia has discovered that “XIP_CAR_JANUARY_2022” is now available for internal testing on the Xbox Insider Hub.

“Car” should stand for “Cardinal”, which is the code name used by Microsoft age of empires 4It is speculated that “XIP” may represent an Xbox Insider Preview feature. Previous internal tests of the game on PC had a completely different name structure, so this is presumably something new.

Of course it would be welcome with more strategy for the console, but the question is whether age of empires 4 It is the best option. I FZ: s reconsidering Commentator Henrik Norling has commented that fights are often confusing and that they sometimes feel too big.

It was her time on the PC, and with manual control, it can probably be a bit awkward. Although Xbox consoles support mouse and keyboard, but if the game is going to be released on the console, they probably have to make it work at least reasonably well with manual control.

But this is all just speculation at the moment and internal testing doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with Xbox consoles. We’ll have to wait for Relic Entertainment or Xbox Game Studios to announce a potential console release.

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