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Jens Stoltenberg warns: NATO is on its way to a “historic mistake”

Jens Stoltenberg warns: NATO is on its way to a “historic mistake”

Police notice to all those driving – valid for the rest of the week

Throughout the eleventh week, special checks are applied to people driving on the roads in Sweden.

The Police Authority itself announces this in a letter to the press and the public.

Starting yesterday, Monday, and for the rest of the week, what is called National Traffic Week is being implemented.

Police will mainly focus on conducting road checks at speeds of up to 70 kilometers per hour.

We will focus our surveillance on areas where there are a lot of people. It could be schools, residential areas, parks or city centres, says Ursula Edström, a police traffic strategist.

“Like falling from the third floor.”

Speeding in densely built areas is also at the top of the police priority list this week.

Everything is part of achieving the goals in Vision Zero, that is, no one should die or be seriously injured in traffic.

– Adhering to the posted speed limit is a simple way to help save lives. At 30 kilometers per hour, there is a good chance that you as a driver will have enough time to stop, but as an unprotected road user, being hit by a car at 50 kilometers per hour is the equivalent of falling from the third floor, he says. Ursula Edstrom.

Notice the signs

The police also remind us of the speed limit of 30 kilometers per hour, which often applies outside schools, for example.

If there is no specific time indication on the additional sign, only 30 kilometers per hour – 24 hours a day applies.

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– It is not unusual for children to start walking and cycling to school on their own at an early age, even before they are fully ready for traffic. This places great demands on the behavior of motorists in these environments, says Ursula Edström.

“Another reminder”

Another important part that the police pay attention to is the behavior of motorists in residential areas.

Sometimes you can see signs with warning text for children playing – but when there is no such sign, it is not the same as the opposite, and the freedom to be more careless than usual.

However, the absence of such a sign does not mean that there are no children living and moving in the area, which is another reminder of the importance of adhering to the announced speed, according to the authority.

Facts about police traffic weeks

  • National Traffic Week with a focus on speeding is one of several road safety weeks conducted by police each year
  • Other weeks focus on, among others, sobriety, road crime and occupational traffic
  • The purpose of the weeks is to pool resources and carry out consistent checks across the EU
  • Police generally work with traffic safety every week of the year

Source: Police Authority

Photo: A. Boucher

Text: Editors