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Preview of the first phone from Nothing: Downloadable Launcher

Preview of the first phone from Nothing: Downloadable Launcher

The idea that Nothing launches the upcoming home screen app so that it can be downloaded to other phones is of course to give potential buyers of the upcoming Nothing Phone 1 a glimpse of what’s to come in terms of software. The app rearranges your home screen, introduces two new features and shows the design language of Nothing. The home screen app also comes with three ringtones created by Swedish company Teenage Engineering with which Nothing is collaborating.

The first thing we notice is, of course, the background image and the tools that have become available. There are three widgets that come with Nothing Launcher which are an analog clock, a digital clock, and a weather widget. They are all resizable and the analog watch also displays the date and day of the week. The clock widgets don’t lead anywhere when you tap, but the weather app directs you to Accuweather if you tap.

abstract and simple

The setup options for the Home screen app are limited and the most obvious impression we get is that it’s stripped down and simple. Settings allow us to choose whether notification dots should appear in icons on the home screen and whether new apps we install should be added directly to the home screen. The clearest way to differentiate itself from the competition is that it’s stripped down, which simply means that the home screen app doesn’t reveal much about what awaits the person who buys Nothing Phone 1 when it’s released.

In any case, we note one obvious thing. This is the feature called Max Icons and Max Folders. It allows us to change the size of the application icon and folders on the home screen by pressing and holding the finger of the application or folder and then selecting the zoom icon. Then the app or folder icon will appear larger. It’s hard to see the benefits of this. It’s true that more icons then appear directly in the folder, but on the other hand they take up four times more space on the home screen.

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In the Home screen app help, nothing asks users to leave comments and make suggestions for improvement. These suggestions will be used to improve the final interface of the phone once it is launched.

Home screen app Nothing is available for download now Launcher For Samsung S21 and S22 series and for Google Pixel 5 and later. Later, support will also come to Oneplus, where Nothing founder Carl Pei previously worked.