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Bethesda is making the move to Steam and introducing gaming classics

Bethesda is making the move to Steam and introducing gaming classics

At the end of February, Microsoft-owned Bethesda now announced that it was time for the game developer and game client for publisher Launcher. do the screening. The client will be shut down completely and all game content will instead be transferred to gaming giant Valve Steam client, before the curtain finally closes in May.

And when the liquidation was announced, the movement itself had not yet begun, until yesterday The gates are finally open Users begin transferring their materials between the two clients. The exact process varies slightly between games and users who need to transfer or save files Achievements It is recommended to follow it more Detailed instructions Bethesda provides for every game.

The customer is officially going to the grave on May 11th and in connection with this it will not be possible to start or run any games. However, users can continue to transfer their accounts even after this date and accounts on will still be a login and feature requirement on some game titles. Users who purchase game items or add money to their Bethesda Wallet will also be automatically transferred to their Steam account.

In regards to the games being transferred to Steam, a selection of classic games will also be included and their download will be free for all Steam users. These older titles include The Elder Scrolls Arena, Daggerfall, and Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory.

Planning to return to any of the classic Bethesda titles?