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Western Digital confirms SSD performance deterioration after memory replacement

Western Digital confirms SSD performance deterioration after memory replacement

In recent days, mass internet enthusiasts have been furious that new copies of the Western Digital SN550 Blue are performing much worse than before. Degraded performance is only noticed when the device’s 12GB SLC cache is out, after which write performance is set at 390MB/s instead of 610MB/s as before.

In June 2021 we replaced the NAND on the WD Blue SN550 NVMe SSD and updated the firmware. At that time, we updated the product data sheet. For more transparency going forward, if we make a change to an existing internal SSD, we commit to providing a new model number whenever any relevant published specifications are affected. We value our customers and are committed to providing the best possible solution to their data storage needs.

Now Western Digital takes the magazine by mouth and confirms that the Blue SN550 was equipped with a different type of NAND memory and got a new one. Firmware in June. The company doesn’t say why, but the likely cause is the current lack of circuits which means many companies take what they get. Regarding the memory change, Western Digital has quietly updated the specs on its website.

Western Digital is one of a number of players that have marketed SSDs, where the performance of new copies suddenly deteriorates as a result of switching to another storage. To avoid future confusion, Western Digital promises to change the model number of the affected device in connection with changes to specifications.

Did you buy a product whose deteriorating property has slipped into later copies of stores?

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