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Nvidia tests graphics cards that use 900 watts

Nvidia tests graphics cards that use 900 watts

With the release of next-generation graphics cards from both AMD and Nvidia awaiting the end of the year, rumors are finding their way into a steady stream, not least regarding power ports for the new graphics cards. The current Geforce RTX 3000 series already includes several power-hungry models, which require both cooler parts and a more substantial type of mains.

I talked about the previous information anywhere between 600 to 800 watts (watts). Now another rumor is leaking through the popular Twitter profile of “kopite7kimi” in the context of Nvidia, which says that Nvidia is testing a full-featured variant of the AD102 graphics circuit that can sip the full 900 watts.

According to “kopite7kimi”, the thirsty beast should be accompanied by 48GB GDDR6X memory and powered by dual 16-pin connectors, which according to 12VHPWR Standards It can supply up to 600 watts each. It is noteworthy that it is mentioned as 900W TGP, which means Total graphics power. This is usually used to describe only what the graphics circle is drawing, rather than total board capacity (TBP), which also includes the remaining components.

However, tasks must be taken with several large sprinkles of salt. According to “kopite7kimi”, it is possible for the test to remain as a test, without resulting in any actual product. Speculation includes that this is the base for the RTX 4090 Ti or equivalent, or a new rarity in the style of previous Titan cards. Whether there will be around 900 watts and what version will remain to be seen this fall.

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