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Central England Co-operative Trusts are filming a film raising awareness of dementia

Central England Co-operative Trusts are filming a film raising awareness of dementia

Dementia in the UK She launched a film in which young people share their experiences supporting people with dementia.

The project was produced and supported by Central England Co-operativethe charitable partner of Dementia UK.

Under the slogan “Dementia does not define us”, the campaign is set to address stigma among young people and teenagers. The film features stories of how young people between the ages of 16 and 20 deal with the diagnosis of their family members.

The stories include a poem by Denil Dunbar, an aspiring spoken word performer from Croydon, describing how he supports his mother.

“I am inspired by the emotions my mother’s condition evokes,” he said. The reason I participated in this film is to give a voice to young people like me, who don't see any kind of representation and therefore it's easy for them to feel alone.

“I know I felt alienated from other kids in certain situations because I felt like what I was going through wasn't normal. That's why things like this movie are important.

Three other young people – Emily, Sam and Joe – also spoke about how they supported a relative with dementia.

Through the Admiral Nurse Helpline, Dementia UK provides expert guidance and practical solutions to families affected by dementia.

Rachel Thompson, from Admiral Nurse, said: “Young people can find the changes in a relative with dementia very upsetting. If it is a grandparent, they may witness the impact of caring for that person on their parents. Or if it is a parent, they may end up being a caregiver. Primary care for their parents Their relationship may change, and there may be a lot to process.

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“We want every family affected by dementia to have access to an Admiral Nurse – who can understand their situation and offer advice and support to help them get through the toughest times. Until that happens, we will be creating resources like these films and the information on our website, so everyone, of all ages can They can get the information they need to face dementia with greater confidence.