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Overpricing of stimuli - risk of a hangover if Biden is wrong

Overpricing of stimuli – risk of a hangover if Biden is wrong

Returpack has chosen the payment company’s Payers platform to introduce the deposit system in a new and digital era.

A new digital payment solution is now rolling out to Returpack’s large ATM, Pantamera Express, across the country.

Since the 1980s, Swedes have made the pilgrimage to the country’s pawn machines to hand out cans and bottles. Returpack is the company that introduced the filing system and the company now deals with over 2 billion boxes and bottles every year.

Returpack 2019 picked defend As a partner to digitize the deposit system payment solution for deposit funds, the company has now developed the technology platform that makes it possible to start testing and roll out across the country.

Pay to the bank account

88% of all bottles and cans sold in Sweden today are pledged and recycled through the Returpack Deposit System.

Returpack is constantly developing the system to simplify and increase pawn availability. One area of ​​replenishment is the ability to pay off a mortgage in more ways than a traditional mortgage receipt. Digital transfer directly to your bank account provides a flexible solution and follows the development of digitization in society.

Returpack implemented This solution In private large ATM machines, the Pantamera Express. A test is planned with the grocery trade and then a decision is made on more applications.

– Pawn camera cameras are an important part of our development work on the pawn system in the future. Here we had the opportunity to test a new digital payment solution on a large scale and we can now offer a secure, simple and flexible service for transferring deposit funds directly to the bank account, says Carita Clason, Product Manager at Returpack / Pantamera.

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Internet of Things – communication between the mortgagee and the mobile application

defend Chosen to develop the engine, it is a digital direct-to-consumer bank account payment solution. The solution works in a mix between a mortgage store, the cloud, and the mobile app. The new Pantamera app is available for both iOS and Android. After two months, the app had been downloaded 20,000 times.

Before being able to use the app for the first time, the bank account is linked through the user’s mobile bank identifier. It is a process that takes less than a minute to complete. After the mortgage holder pours his jars and PET bottles at the Pantamera Express, the foreclosure scans a QR code using the mobile app to complete the transaction.

The first phase of the offering included 57 Returpack’s large self-owned ATM, the Pantamera Express. These are found in major recycling centers across the country. In 2020, 90 million packages were ordered via Pantamera Express.

During the beta phase, more than 25% of the users chose the digital solution. This is something Returpack thinks will increase rapidly as more Swedes know the app. The digital solution is a supplement to the paper receipt that will remain.

Payer has responded to our desires and we always feel confident that they have provided a stable and secure solution to our digital penetration, says Henric Oscarsson, Returpack / Pantamera Development Director.

We at Payer are very proud to have given us the confidence to develop the next generation of payment solutions in the Swedish deposit system. A system that all Swedes relate to and contribute to. Plus the fact that it’s easy for the consumer to get money directly into the account, when you deposit, says Peder Berge, CEO and founder of Payer.

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