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Mysterious attacks in Washington – near the White House



The wave of mysterious disease that has befallen US government officials abroad is believed to be caused by foreign powers.

The White House is now investigating two suspected attacks in Washington. CNN states.

An employee suffered from severe migraines and their ears started ringing when an unknown man walked by on the street.

The mystery of American diplomats who fell ill inexplicably began in the Cuban capital, Havana, in late 2016. Many embassy employees suffered from constant headaches, dizziness, and hearing problems. Other symptoms were nosebleeds, difficulties with balance, brain swelling and minor brain damage.

Some had symptoms so severe and persistent that they were forced to quit their jobs. The Trump administration made the decision to reduce the number of staff stationed at the embassy.

The plot grew to American employees in China and Russia and CIA personnel testified about similar attacks. In total, scores of American citizens have been affected by the suspected attacks.

The Russians suspected

Experts believe that employees have been attacked by foreign powers. The ambiguity described as “acoustic attacks”, due to the loud noise many victims described in relation to the onset of symptoms, is thought to be a form of electromagnetic radiation.

The Ministry of Defense focused its suspicions mainly on the Russian agents, CNN states. But the possible involvement of the Chinese has also been investigated.

It is now feared that the attacks may continue on American soil. The White House said it was investigating “unexplained medical cases” after two Washington officials suffered symptoms similar to those of diplomats in Cuba.

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One case involved a White House employee who was in the fall of 2019 walking the dog in Arlington, Virginia, near Washington, DC. According to GQ, Who did a great review Of the suspected cases, I noticed a van parked along the street. A man got out of the car and passed it on the street.

It started ringing in my ear

The dog has indicated something is wrong. Then the symptoms appeared. A high-pitched voice started ringing in her ears. She suffered from a severe migraine and it started stinging on one side of her face.

In a separate incident in the park area of ​​The Ellipse on the south side of the White House, a senior national security advisor fell ill, inexplicably.

When the second incident related to what the woman and the dog had been exposed to, a feverish activity began. According to CNN The Pentagon and other authorities investigating the attacks are particularly concerned that they have so far occurred in the heart of the capital.

Members of Congress representing committees that deal with military matters are kept informed of the events, It states the TV channel.

Rumors and rumors have long circulated of mysterious attacks in the United States. But this is the first time that the authorities appear to be directly related to what affected employees abroad. But one still must not be sure that these incidents are related to the suspected attacks on Cuba, China and Russia.

During the Cold War, the Russians exposed American personnel to microwave radiation. Between 1953 and 1976, low-intensity microwave signals were sent at intervals at different frequencies to disrupt wireless communications and eavesdropping on the embassy in Moscow.

Looking at reactionary terror

Even then, experts suspected the diplomats may have been at risk through brain damage and hearing damage. After the new wave of suspected attacks, experts theorized that it could be a kind of “reactionary terror” in which the old methods were dusted off.

The White House works closely with ministries and authorities to investigate unexplained medical conditions and to ensure the safety of Americans serving around the world. “Because we are still evaluating the reported incidents and because we need to secure the victims’ right to confidentiality, we cannot disclose or confirm specific details at this stage,” the White House said in a statement.

Responsibility for investigating the mystery rests with the CIA, the State Department, and the Pentagon. At the end of Donald Trump’s tenure in the White House, out of frustration that nothing had happened, the Pentagon hired a special task force to get somewhere.

Acting Defense Secretary Chris Miller told CNN: “I learned that the CIA and the State Department took the matter seriously, and we wanted to embarrass them through the task force.”

They began identifying symptoms reported from personnel attached to the Department of Defense around the world. Twice a month, new suspected cases appeared. The difficulty the authorities faced was to distinguish between real attacks and pure fictions. In some cases, the investigation showed that there were other natural causes behind the reported incidents.

In one reported case, US Marines developed flu-like symptoms in Syria shortly after a Russian helicopter flew over the base. But it soon became clear that they had suffered from food poisoning.

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according to Source to CNN The Pentagon has not completely ruled out that the phenomenon that affected personnel is not related to a weapon and that other natural causes are behind these accidents. But another source stated that the investigation is progressing and that they will not continue the survey if they do not see any value in it.


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