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Old-fashioned Team World Cup return – this is how the national team captain sees Sweden’s chances

Old-fashioned Team World Cup return – this is how the national team captain sees Sweden’s chances

Morgan Andersson, team manager at Västervik, is also the captain of the Swedish national team. Photo: archive photo

Since 2018, the team lap has taken place with only three drivers on each team. This year there will be a return to five-man teams which is a return to the previous concept.

– It’s great fun. The best thing in my opinion is a dual and team toilet in the same year. It now happens every three years and there is always a niche on the toilet team. It’s a tougher competition than the Grand Prix in my opinion. You put them last in the national team, says Morgan Andersson, captain of the Swedish national team.

Västervik’s two Swedish stars, Fredrik Lindgren and Jakob Thorsel, are on the team with Antonio Lindback of Röspejarna and Kim Nilsson and Oliver Berntzon of the Lions. A team that wasn’t hard to dismiss, according to Morgan Anderson.

– These are the five who qualify. The only thing that bothered us a bit was the injuries and we were hoping for better results both internationally and nationally, so we overcame the disadvantage. We’re a bit of an underdog, it seems.

He usually makes it to the finals

The Swedes have not missed a single final since Morgan Andersson became the captain of the national team. In 2015, it was also gold, but Sweden is not one of the gold favorites this time.

– We can usually do well on the country circuit, but in order to reach a final, the best of the year is required in several areas. There are four teams that are stronger than us on paper, but we’ll try to break down any of them and whatever can happen. We are underdogs and to get to the final the best of the year is required as I said.

It has been decided that the Team World Cup will be held in Wroclaw, Poland, and the first semi-final will be decided tonight. The second runs on Wednesday. Sweden competes in the first semi-final, facing Great Britain, Germany and the Czech Republic. The winner secures a place in the final while the second and third races await. In a race, only one place is at stake.

In advance, the battle for the last place between the Swedes and the British was expected.

– It’s English, of course. I still think we have a slightly better chance of winning this semi-final, because I put Australia and Denmark higher on paper and one of them they face in the race. The Germans and the Czechs have good drivers too, but we have to beat two teams if we don’t clap together.

Do not want to comment on the incident

Four drivers made the scheduled qualifiers and the Swede who did not was Kim Nilsson. However, it may be used at any time during the contest.

– If someone does well in training, he should lead. It’s not a strange thing, says Morgan Anderson.

In the second semi-final, Denmark, Australia, Finland and France compete. There are many tire and Västervik drivers in other countries’ teams.

Tai Woffinden on the Great Britain team. Morgan Anderson, who is also the team captain at Västervik where Woffinden is driving, does not want to comment on the incident involving Woffinden and where a Polish fan broke his arm.

– I don’t comment on that, but it’s none of our business.

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