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“Of course you’ve heard of him” – Sports –

“Of course you’ve heard of him” – Sports –

He played more than 19 minutes and had 0 + 1 possession. But Miro Heiskanen’s numbers are secondary. The playing sensation he produced in the victory over Great Britain was the great big save.

Miro Heiskanen has shown emphatically that he is world class. He was responsible for movements and passes that few others could make.

The only shortcoming in his rating of the game was a few neglected puck drops.

– It felt good. It was good to get on the team and play. It was a beautiful victory. Heiskanen says after the 6-0 win over Great Britain, we kept a lot of our puck and hit it wide.

It makes no difference what to talk about

Heiskanen arrived in Tampere on Wednesday after a long flight from the USA. Despite this, he felt refreshed at the rink.

– I didn’t feel the time difference. I didn’t notice that I had so many travel hours on my body.

He formed a backcourt pair with recent Finnish champion Mikael Seppala. The main qualities of the Tappara defender are the defensive game, but Heiskanen does not see him as a one-dimensional player.

– Seppälä is very versatile and is good with a pinch. It feels like a good back pair to me. Our interaction was immediately on a good level.

Mikael Seppälä is one of the most unknown pieces of the blue and white team building to the ice hockey public. But Heiskanen says he has a good understanding of his teammate at the back.

– Of course you’ve heard of him before. I follow the Finnish league. I watched the Tappara Finals and he looked solid the whole time.

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Adapts gracefully

Four years have passed since Miro Heiskanen last played for the national team and on a senior rink. He feels he has quickly adapted to the new rules.

– Of course, it’s different compared to what I’m used to in the NHL, but it goes well that way too. I try to play the same way. You can ski more and I love that.

Miro Heiskanen is competing in the World Cup for the first time since Denmark 2018.

Photo: Tomi Hänninen/Yle

Lion’s playing style is another detail that differs from what he is used to in the NHL.

– There are some differences, but I try to play the same way.

Above all, it’s the game’s structure that stands out. In the NHL, you rarely take cage protection.

– At Lejonen, we take our time to launch attacks a lot. It’s different.