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Oculus Quest 2 receives official support for wireless connectivity to computers

Oculus Quest 2 receives official support for wireless connectivity to computers

The Facebook-owned Oculus has one of the best-selling VR headsets on the market in the form of Quest 2. The popularity of the model can be attributed to its standalone nature, in which an integrated system circuit is combined with built-in tracking for both motions and controls – something that makes it very easy to get started without the need. To external signals or tracking cables. Anyone who wants to connect a headset via cable to a gaming computer can also be able to play more graphic-intensive games.

Recently, an informal method of wireless connection has appeared, where you can access and play addresses, for example, your Steam library completely without a cable via the Virtual Desktop application. This method has become one of the most popular ways to enjoy games on Quest 2, so much so that Oculus itself now reveal Official support for wireless connectivity to computers via Oculus Air Link technology.

Oculus Air Link is based on the same technology as the company’s Link technology, where the host computer does not send a pure video signal to the headset but instead sends a compressed video stream. Unlike Link, which sends the video stream via a USB cable, Wifi is used here instead to maintain the wireless connection. According to Oculus Recommendations Wireless communication should be made over the 5GHz band while the physical distance to the router should remain within 6 meters.

In addition to Air Link, Oculus also offers initial support for refresh rates up to 120Hz for Quest 2. Support for each game title must be implemented by developers and complements the previous two modes, 90Hz and 72Hz. The ability to update the frequency of 120 Hz will initially apply only to games and software running on the integrated system circuit, while later the technology will also be able to use it over a cable connected to a computer.

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Wireless connectivity via Air Link and a refresh rate of 120 Hz will be implemented via the release of Software Update 28 that will be released for Quest 2 and the Oculus app “soon”.

Are you using Oculus Quest 2 wirelessly to your computer today, and if so, how do you think it works? Share your experiences on the topic of commenting!