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Microsoft is said to be working on a new Notepad

Microsoft is said to be working on a new Notepad

Windows 11 launched about a week ago and introduced a new visual design. Several core Microsoft programs such as Paint and Photos have been updated to follow the same style with rounded corners and a softer appearance. Now Notepad, also known as Notepad, appears to be undergoing a facelift.

Twitter user revealed a sneak peek of the new look Tweet embed. The images were supposed to be posted by a developer at Microsoft and then quickly deleted again. In addition to the rounded corners, there is also a change in the number of drop downs, which go from five to three.


Compared to the current version of Windows 11, the biggest differences seem to be the appearance of the menu for formatting and settings. Options that are currently spread across several menus and open in separate windows are instead shared in the same menu. It also does not open in its own window but has the same style as other similar menus in Windows 11.

It is still unknown if the change will be implemented and in such a case.

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