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How much money does Anders Aje Philipson have?  Nyheter24 has the answer!

How much money does Anders Aje Philipson have? Nyheter24 has the answer!

when Anders “Agie” Phillipson, 78, his father was born Gunnar Phillipson, Dubbed the “King of Cars”, is in full swing to run the Philipsons empire. The successful company imported cars from the US, and this is how the Philipson family built their fortune in the beginning.

Fortune 130 million Swedish kronor

Agee with Mrs.Pathina Phillipson. Photo: Jari Kantola / Stella Pictures

In 2020, Aje was, according to Swedish Women’s JournalFortune measured in an astonishing amount of 130 million Swedish kronor. How much money is inherited is unclear.

Modest annual income

Aje, left, with his ex-boyfriend Carl Adam “Noppe” Lewenhaupt. Photo: Jonas Ekströmer / TT

While Aje has great wealth, his earned income is more modest. He earned a total of 550,000 kronor in 2019, which gave him a monthSalary For just over 46,000 SEK.

It runs millions of companies focused on agriculture

Aje is CEO of his own company “Skenäs Aktiebolag”, which is engaged, among other things, in the ownership and management of agricultural property, as well as trade in animals and other agricultural products in a mansion in Vingåker.

Photo: Stella Pictures

Aje seems to have inherited his father’s entrepreneurial spirit! In 2019, the company has sales of 7,002,000 SEK and a profit of 2,128,000 SEK. Assets in the company were measured at 30 million SEK.

Source: Swedish Tax Authority and

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