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North Scania | A newly written play about being a lesbian

– Surprisingly it is a Disney movie. It surprised me, says Emma Stone, who plays Cruella.

She and Emma Thompson, who plays Baroness in the film, meet with the press over a Zoom-show press conference. In the film, the audience meets the young woman “Estela”, who earns her day from petty crime and wonders about her past. Getting a job with the struggling and cruel Baroness, Estella turns into an equally unforgiving Cruella at the same time as she gets an answer for her past.

I loved cartoons when I was little, says Emma Stone.

“This is a wonderful character.”

In particular, she appreciated that dogs are similar to their owners.

– so I always tried to check if the dogs I saw on the street looked like the mister and the lady and often did. And Cruella was a wonderful person.

Two Ruthless Characters Fight – Emma Thompson thinks it was fun.

– I think he’s interesting with the dark side of the female characters. It is very rare for us to have a chance to be dark. We must be kind and righteous, right? And being an evil mom is unimaginable. Baroness wants one thing, she does everything for him, and in a way that I can admire.

– Scary easy. She was raised by two wonderful, kind parents. I’ve always been surrounded by wonderful and nice people. My experience with people who stumbled upon their cruel ego and narcissism was small. Although a lot of them are in show business. Without mentioning any names.

The Baroness may look strong on the outside, but she is really weak – and she has planted the seed of her downfall, says Emma Thompson.

Because she cannot admit that another person is gifted. So when you encounter this, with someone younger than him, more beautiful, and talented, it gets tough. It was like that for me, when I played against Emma Stone, the beautiful, young, talented, etc. But I swallowed my bittersweet, often by spending evenings sipping Negroni.

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Emma Thompson as Baroness in Cruella.  click on the picture.

Emma Thompson as Baroness in “Cruella”. click on the picture.

Photo: Lori Sparham

Emma Thompson says she had no difficulty playing the evil role.

Emma Thompson says she had no difficulty playing the evil role. “It was frighteningly easy.” Photo gallery.

Photo: Vianney Le Caer / AP / TT

Facts: Emma Thompson

Family: Spouse Greg Wise, has two sons.

Profession: Actor and Screenwriter.

Command: “What does love have to do with that?” Matilda.

Current: In the movie “Cruella”, which will be the premiere of Swedish cinema on 5/28.