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Messages addressed to voters can increase turnout

Messages addressed to voters can increase turnout

In the report, released by the University of Gothenburg on behalf of SKR, an overview of political science research was made in which several field experiments were used to see if they could increase turnout.

Lena Langlet, division manager at SKR, says at press release.

In particular, the researchers looked at Denmark, Norway, Italy, the United Kingdom, and France, as well as the United States.

In Denmark and Norway, different types of letters containing information about the elections and arguments about why you should vote increased turnout by 0.4-7 percentage points among young people and voters of foreign origin.

“Although the Norwegian and Danish contexts cannot be directly translated into Swedish, the conclusion is that well-designed lettering is a method of mobilization that can be used to increase turnout in certain groups. Many cases have given at least a few percentage points an increase in turnout,” says Lena Langlet. turnout.”

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