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British volunteers kidnapped in Ukraine

British volunteers Paul Urey and Dylan Healy are believed to have been kidnapped at a Russian roadblock.

Her mother is now living her worst nightmare.

– She asked him not to go. I said, “Please, don’t go,” she told Sky News.

“Mom, I can’t live with myself and I know people need my help to get to safety. I have to go.”

This was the response of mother Linda when she asked her son and volunteer Paul Urey to stay at home United kingdomSays Sky News.

And now he and fellow 22-year-old Dylan Healy have disappeared without a trace.

travel to Ukraine to volunteer. It is now believed that they were kidnapped in connection with their stopping at the checkpoint south of Zaporizhia, 220 kilometers outside the siege. Mariupol.

“The Russians shouldn’t be played with them.”

Uri’s mother says he has been in Ukraine for more than a week and a half. This is not the first time. He had recently returned to Britain and returned shortly thereafter.

– She asked him not to go. I said “Please, don’t go,” Ori’s mother says.

British volunteers Paul Urey and Dylan Healy.

She describes him as a friendly, affectionate and “very kind” family man.

– I wish he was a horrible person if I’m honest. I understand that it sounds selfish, but the Russians should not be played with. She says he is very cute.

Paul Urey and his mother were in close contact during his stay in Ukraine. During their last conversation on Monday, he said he wouldn’t be able to reach him for the next 36 hours.

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I feel like I’m in my worst nightmare right now and I want them to give it back to me. I feel like I want to die. I don’t know what to do which is terrible, she says Sky News.

Captured at a roadblock

According to the nonprofit Presidium Network, Ori and Hailey should have known about them, but they operate on a volunteer basis. They are said to have been in the area to help evacuate a woman and two children when they were said to have been kidnapped at a Russian roadblock.

Now they fear that Ori and Hailey are suspected of being British spies.

Russian tanks on the streets of Mariupol.

Three hours after the abduction, the house in which the evacuee was living is said to have been broken into by Russian forces. Her husband is said to have been questioned about how his “wife knew about these British spies”, according to reports Sky News.

– We are concerned about these and that the Russians will refer to them as British spies, which is not true. They are civilian aid workers, says Dominic Byrne, one of the founders of the Presidency Network.

British authorities are implicated in the case and told Sky News they are “doing everything they can to support them”.

At the same time, Ori’s mother is waiting by the phone.

– Something is wrong. They took it. He should have called me if he could. All he wanted was to help people, she says.

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