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Massive search effort begins after new information about Jay Slater | World

Massive search effort begins after new information about Jay Slater | World

Jay Slater.

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Jay Slater has been missing for 12 days.

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A large-scale search operation is underway in Tenerife.

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Jay Slater, 19, from Lancashire in the UK, had travelled to Tenerife in the Canary Islands to attend a music festival. But he has been missing since June 17.

His last confirmed sighting was when he climbed a mountain in the village of Maska, in the northwestern part of the island, where Jay was escorting two men to their lodgings after the last night of the festival.

Massive research effort

When Jay missed the bus home, he decided to take the eleven-hour trip. He then called his girlfriend Lucy May Law and told him he was lost, “thirsty and confused” and had only 1 percent of his mobile phone battery left.

On Saturday, twelve days after Jay Slater disappeared, police coordinated a new “massive” search effort for him. The effort relies on Maska, volunteers from the rescue service and the fire brigade, but individuals are also invited to participate, he writes. Sky News.

The search begins after Jay's best friend Brad, who was also on the trip, interviews ITV News He said Friday he had a Snapchat video call with Jay before he disappeared. During their conversation, Brad saw Jay initially walk down the road and then continue down a steep incline.

-If he was thinking like me, he would have gotten up and started walking again. Brad told ITV he wouldn't have come all the way there.

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Friend: Don't worry.

Jay didn't seem worried during their conversation, Brad said. They only became concerned when he asked him to share his location and his friends realized how far he was from where they lived in Los Cristianos, in southern Tenerife.

“I thought he was going to take a bus or a taxi home because that's what he said he was going to do,” Brad tells ITV.

“Suddenly his phone went off, and now 10 days have passed without us hearing anything from him,” he continues.

Brad says he prays every night for his friend to come home.

– I still have hope for him. I still feel like he's out there somewhere.

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