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Only six volunteers came to search for Jay  the world

Only six volunteers came to search for Jay the world

British tourist Jay Slater has been missing for nearly two weeks in Tenerife.

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The search for Jay continues.


Jay Slater, 19, from Lancashire in the UK, had travelled to Tenerife, the largest of the Canary Islands, to attend a music festival. But since June 17, he has disappeared without a trace despite a massive search effort involving dogs, drones, helicopters and mountain teams from the rescue service.

Tenerife police appealed to the public to help in the search, but only six volunteers showed up on Saturday. They include British mountaineer Paul Arnott, 29, known from TikTok, as well as a German couple and four locals. The British Daily Mail wrote.

The other thirty or so are coming from the rescue service in the search effort.

Jay's father and brother are searching.

The missing man's father, Warren Slater (56 years old), and his brother Zach (24 years old) are also participating in the search.

-I'm a bit disappointed that there are no other Brits here except Paul. But I think Jay's just a British guy here to get drunk. I'm grateful to those who stood up, Warren Slater tells the Daily Mail.

Paul Arnott also expressed disappointment at the low turnout.

“I’m tired of this. I thought this day would be so productive that so many people would come. I thought it would be huge, but it’s not,” he told the newspaper.

He disappeared after the party

Police announced a new “extensive” search effort on Saturday and appealed for members of the public to participate.

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Jay Slater disappeared after a three-day festival. He was last seen on June 17 while hiking on a mountain near the village of Maska in the northwest part of the village. He had accompanied two men to their accommodation after the last night of the festival.

When he next missed the bus, he began an eleven-hour walk. He then called his girlfriend Lucy May Lu and told him that he was lost, was “thirsty and confused” and had only one percent of his cell phone battery left.

The disappearance received significant attention in the British and international media.

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