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The Truth Reveals After Trump-Biden Golf Brawl | Golf

The Truth Reveals After Trump-Biden Golf Brawl | Golf

Donald Trump.

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Trump is accused of lying about his golfing ability.


Trump and Biden got into a verbal spat last night.

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Joe Biden.

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Last night's presidential debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump was marked by ageism and personal attacks on both sides. Among other things, several minutes were discussed on the topic of golf and the candidates' abilities as golfers.

Donald Trump, 78, has begun bragging about his physical condition.

– I've just won two club championships – not even senior level, but two normal club championships. You have to be smart and you have to be able to hit the ball far to do that.

Trump then added that Biden “can't even hit a ball 50 yards,” which is 45 meters.

Biden's response:

“When I was vice president, I dropped to a sixth-handicap. As I said before, I’d like to meet you if you had your own golf bag. Do you think you could do that?” Biden asked.

Biden's claim about his disability prompted Trump to call it “the biggest lie ever.”

“I’ve seen your swing, I know your swing,” Trump said. “Let’s not act like children.”

Trump and Biden handicap in golf

So how does it work – really?

Candidates' handicaps are posted on the USGA's website. It says Trump has a handicap of 2.5 and was last updated in June 2021. Biden, in turn, has a handicap of 6.7 since July 2018.

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But the numbers according to Telegraph This has not been independently verified, and both of them, according to the newspaper, should have exaggerated how good they were at golf.

Trump is said to have made clients and funds lie about his disability — a phenomenon known as “Trump bump.”“, the newspaper wrote after the night's discussion.

Columnist Alex Kirshner Slate Magazine It's difficult for both Trump and Biden.

“As for their respective golfing abilities, both were absolutely full of shit, though Biden was at least the closest to sticking to the truth about his handicap.”