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Malin Ekman resigns from Svenska Dagbladet in protest

Malin Ekman resigns from Svenska Dagbladet in protest

In 2019, Malin Ekman became SvD's correspondent in New York. She has now resigned and is explaining why In an open letter of resignation, Deployed on Substack.

Malin Ekman writes that she believes that both SvD and the Swedish media in general are not accurate enough, for example when it comes to covering the USA. She believes that information is selected that risks favoring what is considered the “wrong side.”

– It can be about the legal system, or the lawsuits against Donald Trump, and it can often be about negative news for Democrats.

Editor-in-Chief: “You don't recognize him.”

According to Malin Ekman, a shift occurred in the fall of 2023 when she experienced a different response to her texts.

I can no longer express myself the same way. I couldn't write my own journalistic texts and tell readers what I see and hear and what people tell me. But everything had to be fixed, and even the quotes were considered a problem.

Lisa Irenius is the CEO, editor-in-chief and responsible publisher of SvD. She thinks Malin Ekman's decision to leave the magazine is sad.

– This came unexpectedly for me. “I don't recognize the image you give of SvD,” she says.

Malin Ekman wrote that she sat in a meeting with management and explained this to her “If someone counted my articles and came to the conclusion that there are more people who criticize Democrats than Republicans, SvD would have a hard time supporting me publicly.” What do you think about writing it like this?

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– And even there, I don't know that. It's important for us to support our writers. We always have discussions with our writers about scripts. It belongs to. But of course we want comprehensive coverage, not one-sided, where you can critically examine all parties, says Lisa Irenius.

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