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Her page's advice to Trump: Avoid this |  the world

Her page's advice to Trump: Avoid this | the world

Donald Trump.

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Joe Biden.

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November 5 is the presidential election in the United States. Candidates Joe Biden and Donald Trump will meet on Thursday in a televised debate in Atlanta. A second discussion is scheduled for September 10.

Trump was noted for the way he behaved during the two televised debates against Biden before the last election in 2020. Then Trump frequently interrupted and ignored moderator Chris Wallace.

Biden and Trump interrupted each other during the debates. At one point, Biden said: “Can you just shut up?” To Trump after boycotting him.

When Biden mentioned the far-right Proud Boys group during a debate, Trump said:

– Proud boys, stand back and be ready.

Trump and Biden during their first televised debate on September 29, 2020.

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“I think this is going to end badly for Biden.”

Senate Republicans are now urging Trump not to act the same way during the upcoming televised debate.

-Don't fall into the trap. Behavior is important. Tone of voice is important. I think you can be as decisive and strong as Trump, but in many ways I think you would rather give Biden as many opportunities as possible to eliminate himself. Senator John Thune says: I think this will end badly for Biden.

He emphasizes the importance of televised debates before the upcoming elections.

– If Trump comes in and shows strength and leadership, but remains calm and allows Biden to speak, this will end well for him, Thune says.

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It's been very even between Trump and Biden in recent polls.

– The primary focus will be on whether Biden is capable or not. If I were Trump, I would talk about the right path versus the wrong path. I don't think he needs to be so aggressive. “Just show that if you think we're going in the wrong direction, you're right,” Senator Lindsey Graham said.

Trump and Biden during their second televised debate on October 22, 2020

Photograph: Maury Gash/AP TT

“We will sweep the carpet with Biden.”

Biden's plan according to CNN To try to hold Trump as accountable as possible during the debate, for example because he was recently convicted on all 34 counts of accounting violations. The Biden campaign hopes the televised debates will engage hitherto uninterested voters more in the run-up to the election.

“I think voters will look closely at whether Biden can provide relevant answers to all the questions and whether Trump will stay within the framework,” says Senator Shelley Moore Capito.

Senator J.D. Vance is said to be one of three finalists to become Trump's running mate.

– I think it will be a good and important evening. All he has to do is present his position to the American people. There is a clear discrepancy between how things were with Trump as president and how they were with Biden. All he has to do is stick with it, says Vance.

But Senator Ted Cruz believes that Trump does not need any advice before the televised debate against Biden.

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Cruz says: Trump will sweep the carpet with Biden.