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Chaos Among Trump's Top Secret Documents | The World

Chaos Among Trump's Top Secret Documents | The World

We've seen similar images before. How Donald Trump kept little state secrets here and there at his Mar-a-Lago residence in Florida. Now comes a new batch of photos filed by prosecutors in federal court in Florida.

In one of the photos, button-down polo shirts can be seen lying next to a box containing a folder marked “Confidential.” In another photo, a box of classified documents can be seen in disarray, next to a tray of Light Coke, a Save America hat, and a photo of Trump.

Prosecutors are also showing new photos from the warehouse that appears to have been where Trump primarily kept classified information. There, boxes containing secret materials can be seen spilled in a huge mess on the floor.

And around them: wrapped clothes and a Gibson guitar. According to the indictment, the contents of one of the overturned boxes were marked “Secret // rel to USA, FVEY,” a code for top-secret information that may only be shared with key U.S. allies Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Great Britain. Of all the documents the FBI found at Mar-a-Lago, there was at least one document allegedly linked to the U.S. nuclear weapons program, the state said. Daily Beast.

He wants the indictment against Trump dropped

The photos were released by special counsel Jack Smith and his team in an opinion in response to Trump's demand that the indictment against him be dropped because FBI agents failed to keep all the documents in the same order they were originally in.

According to lawyers, this will make defending Trump more difficult. In previous claims, they wrote, among other things, that the classified documents were buried among personal documents, and thus Trump had no idea they were there. The images are meant to show that maintaining order was an impossible task – everything was already in such extreme chaos. Moreover, prosecutors argue that this argument contradicts other evidence, such as testimony that Trump knew exactly what he brought and where it was kept.

“This is not a case in which a large number of documents of the same size were grouped into tidy piles in file folders or perfectly sorted in a box,” prosecutors said. “These boxes had absolutely no apparent order to anyone other than Trump.” He writes .

“After they ended up in the storage room, several boxes fell over and their contents were scattered across the room; The boxes were taken to Trump's residence on more than one occasion so he could view them.

“However he now claims that the arrangement of the documents in the boxes is itself very important to his defence.

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