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King Frederick of Denmark criticizes – does very little

King Frederick of Denmark criticizes – does very little

King Frederik took office as King of Denmark on January 14, 2024.

Photography: Johan Nilsson/TT News Agency/TT

King Frederick and his family in 2022.

Photo: Ida Marie Odgaard/EPA TT

Danish my house This article looked at what the balance between leisure and work has looked like for Denmark's new King Frederik since he took over as king in mid-January.

According to the newspaper, the king has worked 24 days since then, five of which were household chores. During the same period, the king received 54 days off, two of which were official holidays.

This can be compared to the average Dane working full-time 21 days a month, according to BT.

Balance between family life and work

The work undertaken by King Frederick during this period includes various working days associated with the change of throne, in addition to which he had several audiences, a three-day visit to Poland, seven corporate or royal visits, several receptions at home, two dinners and a government representative as well as a trip to The stage.

During the same period, Frederic has been spending a winter holiday in the Swiss ski resort of Verbier, and now it is time for another family holiday over the Easter weekend.

The balance between leisure and work life is something the king himself wrote about in his new book “Kongeord”, BT reported.

He writes, among other things, that he wants to change “how we as a family shift between work and leisure,” because “it's important to have breaks.”

The best Swedish court in Europe

BT reports that the Danish royal family will work 191 days in 2023 according to a survey conducted by the site. UFOMore.

According to the survey, the Swedish royal family was one of all European royal families that worked the most – a total of 218 days. The Dutch royal family worked at least 162 days.

King Carl Gustaf was the hardest working member of the Swedish royal family with 140 days in 2023. Princess Madeleine, who only had official duties, worked at least 13 days in 2023.

The Dutch royal family worked the least, working 162 days.

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