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1,600 planes affected by mysterious disturbances  Sweden

1,600 planes affected by mysterious disturbances Sweden

The map shows the Baltic Sea area and the red dots are aircraft affected by GPS interference.

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Since last Sunday, more than 1,600 aircraft are said to have had their navigation equipment disrupted.

Photo: Janerik Henriksson/TT/TT News Agency/Janerik Henriksson/TT

The unrest actually began on Saturday, GPSJAM shows.

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Expressen previously reported on the extent of widespread and mysterious disruptions crippling GPS systems in several NATO countries.

The unrest that has escalated significantly recently has also affected the civil atmosphere.

Between March 15 and 16, the navigation equipment of more than 850 aircraft in the Baltic states, most of them civilian, will be disabled. This was written by OSINT user auonsson on X, who pointed to open sources.

The armed forces declined to comment on the details of the unrest, but said it was a common occurrence when Swedish military units train.

– Russia has exercised this type of ability. We've seen it before,” said Mikael Agren, the Swedish Armed Forces' duty spokesman at the time.

Now report daily Mail More than 1,600 aircraft, mostly civilian ones, in the Baltic Sea region have been affected by mysterious GPS disturbances since Sunday.

Of the aircraft affected, the majority must have been in Polish airspace, but also over Germany, Denmark, Latvia, Lithuania and Sweden, the GPS systems of several aircraft were disabled. 12c0ccbd3f3b55 c%7Ctwcon%5Es1_& uk %2Fnews%2Farticle-13241019%2FMore-1-600-mysterious-plane-strike-jamming-GPS-jamming-Europe-Russia-feared-responsible.html

Russia was highlighted

GPS signals are, among other things, important for military and civilian airspace. Interference with such signals can have serious consequences, for example an aircraft can appear to be in the wrong place.

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The Russian region of Kaliningrad, located on the Baltic Sea between Lithuania and Poland, was chosen as the center for such activity.

On 14 March, the GPS on a British government plane, carrying Defense Secretary Grant Shapps, was said to have malfunctioned as it flew near Kaliningrad. The plane was then forced to use alternative methods to determine its location.

At the time, British authority sources suspected that Russia was behind the unrest, Reuters reported.

The Lithuanian Ministry of Defense stated that it has seen a marked increase in unrest since the start of Russia's all-out invasion of Ukraine in 2022.

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