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Joe Biden: The United States is back at the negotiating table

Joe Biden: The United States is back at the negotiating table

According to Joe Biden, the tea party was very nice, he wrote to Reuters. They had a long conversation and the Queen asked questions about Vladimir Putin and Xi Jingbin.

For Queen Elizabeth, Joe Biden is the 13th US president she has met in her 69 years on the throne.

Earlier on Sunday, Joe Biden held a press conference after the G7 summit. He repeated several times that “the United States is back on the table.”

It was the first time Joe Biden had met the international press face-to-face since he took office nearly six months ago. His message was that from now on, the United States would take its share of responsibility for the world’s challenges. The United States will contribute 500 million doses of the one billion doses that the G7 countries will donate to poor countries.

– around the table Joe Biden, who also stressed that the G7 meeting was strongly “collaborative and productive,” said.

The US President promised us full commitment, as he also made it clear that he intends to be “very clear” to Russian President Vladimir Putin when he meets this Wednesday in Geneva, Switzerland.

German chancellor Angela Merkel said earlier Sunday that US President Joe Biden has added new energy to the G7 talks and more realistic results, AFP writes.

It’s not that the world no longer has any problems, it’s just that Joe Biden has been elected President of the United States. But we can work to find solutions to those problems with renewable energy, she says.

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Stop at Windsor Castle.

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