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Temperature record in the United States of America – 42 °C

This weekend, residents of Portland, USA fled to a cold store.

The outside temperature rose to more than 42 degrees.

It’s the hottest day in Portland’s history.

On Saturday afternoon, the city’s environmental workers worked Portland, Oregon in the United States to keep people and animals safe. The outside temperature rose to 42.2 degrees. Something never happened before.

The heat record meant, among other things, that residents requested protection, portable air conditioners and fans were sold out and baseball games were postponed. In addition, hospitals have closed their outpatient clinics for vaccination.

Residents fled to cold stores

To escape from the heat, people sought out the so-called cooling centers, that is, the air-conditioned places set up by local authorities during heat stroke. The shelters are open 24 hours a day and serve breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Brandon Morgo is one resident who has asked for protection. Arrived at cold store already Friday night with two cats and a dog.

– I walked around for about 24 hours with my cat, dog, and shopping cart in this heat. I will stay here until Monday. He says: I wish they were open longer Oregon Live He adds that one of his cats seemed to need medical attention after being out in the heat.

42.2 degrees were measured in Portland. temperature record.

picture: Sarah Klein/AFP

A family buys chilled ice cream in the scorching heat.

picture: Sarah Klein/AFP

“Something we have to get used to”

Portland’s previous heat record was 41.7 degrees, which was in 1965 and 1981. According to Oregon Live, the new figure is a serious forecast for the area, where the weather is usually mild and many lack air conditioning.

The heat is expected to continue next week.

According to Kristi Ibe, a global warming researcher at the University of Washington, heat stroke is the bait of the future. to AP . News She says climate change could reshape weather around the world.

We know from evidence around the world that climate change is altering the frequency, intensity and duration of heat waves. This is something we will have to get used to in the future.

Portlanders are doing their best to escape the heat.

picture: Mark Graves/AFP


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