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Jackie Stewart’s advice to Lewis Hamilton

It’s time for Lewis Hamilton to end his Formula One career.

Those words come from one of the UK’s top drivers – a few days before the UK Grand Prix in Formula 1.

It’s time for him to quit, says Jackie Stewart.

UK GP in F1
Jackie Stewart advises Hamilton ahead of the UK F1 (TT) GP

The three-time world champion turned 83 and was a guest on the Convex Conversation podcast.

He has some problems because his teammate is often a little faster than him and has a hard time dealing with him, says Stewart, who won the 1969, 1971 and 2973 World Cups.

It is believed that last night Hamilton missed the opportunity to retire at the height of his career.

Lewis belongs to the group of the best drivers of their generation, along with Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost. But I’d like to see him retire now, says Stewart.

It’s a shame he hasn’t retired at the top of his career and I don’t think he will now either. But at the same time, quitting smoking will be smarter than not being able to do what you did before.

From the board to Hamilton ahead of the Formula 1 UK Grand Prix

Instead, Stewart suggests that Hamilton pursue an entirely different career:

He has his music and loves fashion. It would fit in the fashion scene, I’m sure it would be a hit there too.

Hamilton, 37, has a contract with Mercedes during next season as well, and there are a number of drivers whose contracts expire after 2023. AlphaTauri once again indicated that Pierre Gasly has a contract during next season.

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If you want a better idea of ​​the situation between teams and drivers, you can listen to our podcast, pedal on metal, where we went through the start field Hiwa. team to team.

So now it’s time for the UK GP in Formula 1, this year it’s not about a quick weekend but about a totally normal weekend race. However, there is a change in the structure.

F1 reintroduced Thursday’s press conferences for some drivers, the drivers were still on track and to make Friday more manageable, some drivers will hold their press conference on Thursday.

This is said to apply to the half field, but it won’t affect Friday’s practice time.

Tomorrow we’ll take a closer look at the times they apply and which tires Pirelli has chosen.

Over the weekend I also made a post where you can find out which courses are ready for 2023 and which ones could actually disappear. This group includes Spa and Monaco. These are tracks, like Silverstone, that have been around since 1950, although the UK Grand Prix hasn’t always run on Silverstone. You can read more about it here.


Joel Granforce had a positive weekend in England. He competes in GB3, t Formula 3 and last week finished with two podium places and is now second in the championship behind teammate Luke Browning.

It was a good weekend, and there’s nothing to complain about, says Joel Granforce.

– We’ve lost some Point at Luke this weekend, but she’s more or less perfect even after half the season. It’s completely open for the remaining races and I feel safe with the speed we have the opportunity. I’m ready to fight for this the address!

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The next round will be decided at Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium in about a month.

In Kenya, on the other hand, it was a little more difficult for Oliver Solberg. The Swedish WRC had good car speed, but big problems with the powder sand during the Safari Rally.

– The first gravel rally in the worst class I’ll be hard
Forget. “Everything that can go wrong has gone wrong,” Solberg said after finishing 10th in the competition.
The best private stage was 5th place in SS13. In addition to the dozens of minutes wasted on stretching due to problems, the Hyundai driver also smoked in about four minutes from the penalty spot.
– Minor consolation is that it went a lot better than last year. We have a lot to do in the future, but getting to the finish line was a success. It’s actually an achievement in itself after all we’ve had to go through. It’s thanks to the mechanics and the team. Without them, nothing is possible in this sport. Now I am looking forward to new goals in the next competition.

It will be set in Estonia on July 14-17. Kali Rovanpera won the competition in Kenya, which was his fourth win at the 2022 World Rally Championship.