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Norwegian footballer misses knockout race |  SVT Sport

Norwegian footballer misses knockout race | SVT Sport

Kasper Voser kicked off the World Cup relay race on Sunday in Kolding, Denmark, winning a Norwegian bronze behind winning Sweden and second place Great Britain.

The idea was for Voser to get revenge in tomorrow’s knockout race, but it is now clear that the 23-year-old will have to give up.

the reason? The thigh that’s been annoying to and fro since last fall.

– During yesterday’s sprint relay, I felt really fine. But I consulted many around me, both coaches and health care workers, and eventually came to the conclusion that it makes the most sense to stand up to tomorrow’s competition, says Voser. Orienting.

The Swedish national team will start with eight contestants. In addition to Tove Alexandersson and Emil Svensek, who have free places as world and European sprint champions, Sarah Hagstrom, Caroline Olson, Lena Strand, Jonathan Gustafsson, August Mullen and Martin Rigburn will also start.

Thus, it is clear that Isac von Krusentierna, who last year won the surprise gold medal at the World Cup, will not start.

The Knockout Race has the same structure as a cross-country ski race with an introduction followed by the quarter-finals, semi-finals and final. The top 36 from the introduction go to the knockout round.

The competition will be broadcast on SVT Play starting at 4.30pm tomorrow.

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