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Strand and Alexanderson showed the way

Strand and Alexanderson showed the way

Obviously, it was the girls who had the best performance when Sweden started the World Steering Championships with a win in the relay race.

Lena Strand came out first and took a 17sec lead before it was time to turn to Max Peter Begmer who lost a bit from his distance before sending Gustav Bergmann into the penultimate distance.

The hunt for Great Britain, however, ranked second after second and when it came time for Tove Alexanderson to take charge, it did so in second place, a few seconds behind the British.

– it was hard. It started off well but lost a bit in the middle of the stretch when I got a bit negative, says Bergman.

“You never know”

But after a good selection of the road by Alexandersson at the start of the last game, Sweden was back in the lead and then there was absolutely no talk of it.

In the end, Sweden won by more than a minute. The eternity of time in a relay race.

You always go out to run as good a race as you can and you never know what’s going to happen so you never relax, says Alexanderson and continues:

– I didn’t know the gap was so big so I kept running.

fourth in a row

The World Cup gold was Sweden’s fourth in a row in the relay, and for Alexandersson it was the 10th consecutive World Cup gold.

“Winning as a team with others feels great fun, they did a good job before me, so it’s inspiring to go out and do a good race when his teammates fought every meter,” she says.

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Clip: Tove Alexanderson after the World Cup gold

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Alexanderson passed away after the World Cup gold