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Is Lando Norris Leaving McLaren F1?  Nico Rosberg in rumours

Is Lando Norris Leaving McLaren F1? Nico Rosberg in rumours

Is Lando Norris Leaving McLaren? F1?

says Nico Rosberg.

Lando Norris, McLaren
Max Verstappen, Red Bull and Lando Norris, McLaren (AP-TT)

Former World Champion Formula 1 (2016) Now a professional for Sky, he can be seen on broadcasts in Germany and the UK, and he was once again in the paddock at Monza.

Then he dives into speculation about the drivers for the upcoming season and says it Lando Norris let’s go McLaren.
Despite an agreement and Zach Brown’s denial. The CEO said there was no way out of the deal and there were no clauses.

Is Lando Norris Leaving McLaren?

However, Rosberg, speaking to David Croft on Sky’s broadcast, says he has different information:

– Where is Lando going after Crafty? I heard the change might come early next year Nico Rosberg.

Lando Norris is eighth in the WC and has scored points in every race since McLaren renewed their car in Austria. He is also highly ranked in the field Red Bulls Max Verstappen A few weeks ago Lando showed his interest in Norris as a teammate.

A season of gossip and fun, it’s certainly exciting. Especially since it’s not a race weekend!

Briefly about F1

Incidentally, Max Verstappen could skip the next four races – and still head to Mexico at the end of October as Formula 1 world championship leader. He now leads Perez by 145 points, and although Perez won the next four races, setting the fastest lap and winning the sprints in Qatar and Austin, he would never catch Verstappen. It gave him only 120 points.

Ferrari impressed at Monza, but Fernando Alonso was unimpressed:

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– No, Monza is always Ferrari’s track, they come with a new engine and all kinds of stuff, but the WC still has 21 races, he says.

It says Mercedes’ Toto Wolff will not travel to Japan for the Suzuka race Oe24. The reason is that he will have surgery on the cruciate ligament in his knee. He injured himself while riding a motorcycle and now has a scheduled surgery. Wolff was replaced by Jerome D’Ambrosio, a former F1 driver who joined Mercedes earlier this year and is often seen next to Wolff. Wolff expects to return to the venue when the WC takes place in Qatar.

The return of Daniel Ricciardo

This is the position Christian Horner expects Daniel Ricciardo to return to. He has been replaced so far by Liam Lawson and Helmut Marko, who can be a bit critical at times, but are content.

– He did a good job in Italy and drove laps. I will find out why he made two pit stops, but he did his job honorably. He did what we expected from him, says Marco

AlphaTauri has not confirmed the driver for 2024. It will be exciting.

Want to know how it will be different when it comes to drivers in F1 2024? Click on the link.