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Xbox wants to release the next 'Fallout' as soon as possible |  MovieZine

Xbox wants to release the next 'Fallout' as soon as possible | MovieZine

In this case, it will take someone other than Bethesda to develop it.

Fallout is definitely having a moment in the spotlight right now with Prime Video's recently released TV series based on the popular RPG series, which in turn has revived the popularity of the original games.

The last game in the main series was “Fallout 4”, which was released in 2015, according to information by Jez Corden on Xbox Two Podcast If Xbox wants to release the next game as soon as possible to capitalize on the renewed popularity.

However, it is now expected that it will be some time until then. First, “Fallouts” developer Bethesda (owned by Xbox and Microsoft) must complete “Starfield” and then complete the massive fantasy RPG “The Elder Scrolls 6,” which still has no release date set.

Hence, the appearance of “Fallout 5” in the 2030s is not unlikely. It remains to be seen whether the “Fallout” TV series and current hype can continue until then. An alternative would be for Xbox to let another game studio develop a “Fallout” game to speed up the process.

The last “Fallout” game that was not developed by Bethesda was “Fallout New Vegas” which was released in 2010 and was instead produced by Obsidian Entertainment.

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