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Ikea buys into Lage Jonason’s Urb-it company

Early Friday night, when several potential readers were busy with other things, courier company and last mile supplier Urb-it sent out the press release: Ikea buys Ingka Investment for 95 million SEK.

“Urb-it is a fast-growing company that wants to make a positive impact on society and the environment through zero-emissions logistics, and we are thrilled and satisfied to now enter as minority shareholders. We have a strong belief in Urb its continued growth potential” Christer Matson Who is the president of Ingka Investments in the press release.

The Ikea collection is a ergonomic build. Ingka Investments, which makes the investment, is associated with the Ingka Group, which operates through a franchise agreement Most IKEA stores in the world.

The investment is made through a private placement where Ingka can buy 21.6 million shares for 4.40 SEK per share. The stock closed at 4.83 SEK on Friday. Thus, Ikea can buy at a discount of approximately 10 percent. After the release is fully completed, Ikea’s contribution will be just under 10 percent.

new cities

Urb-it is currently present in nine cities and focuses the company’s operations in the UK and France. The company will use the funds to expand geographically.

“We are now in a position to expand rapidly. We will continue to invest in our growth strategy by creating new local hubs and expanding our bike fleet – both in the cities we operate in today and by expanding into new cities. The injection of capital also enables initiatives marketing that will further drive our growth”, says its CEO at Urb Kevin keviblad.

Urb-it, which has experienced volatile development in the stock exchange in recent years, owns 40 percent of the financial file lag johnson. In late October, it became known that the property profile Elijah Butligan The money invested in the company.

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Earlier in 2021, the company announced an agreement with apparel giant Zalando and e-commerce giant Alibaba. The stock is up 127 percent over the past 12 months, excluding Monday’s rally, which was noted at 10 a.m. at 12 percent.

Urb-its sales amounted to SEK 10.8 million during the first half of this year. Operating profit fell to -32.8 million.