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British tabloid depicts 'infernal conditions' at Ostrobothnian fur farms

British tabloid depicts ‘infernal conditions’ at Ostrobothnian fur farms

Finnish fur farms are at the center of a British campaign against fur products in British stores.

“I stare into the eyes of an animal that has spent its entire miserable and tormented life trapped in a small cage, so that it can then become a trivial item.”

that it woman like the word one new reportage It depicts how fur clothing sold in the UK is produced.

The Mirror is one of the UK’s largest tabloid newspapers and is estimated to have up to 30 million readers each month.

The newspaper reporter has secretly visited a fur farm in Ostrobothnia, with Claire BassFrom the animal rights organization Humane Society International, Christo Morema From the Finnish animal rights organization Oikeutta eläimille and Mark Abraham, a British television veterinarian and animal welfare activist.

The visit takes place at midnight.

Mark Abraham described what he saw on the farm in Ostrobothnia: “Many had painfully swollen eyes and deformed feet with enlarged claws.”

The Finnish Fur Breeders Association may also comment briefly on the information in the report. According to the newspaper, the association says that all activities are strictly controlled as per the regulations of the law and that hackers cannot get a correct idea of ​​the performance of the animals.

According to The Mirror, the UK has imported 11 million pounds (13 million euros) of fur from Finland since it banned fur farming on ethical grounds in 2000.

The Mirror is partnering with Humane Society International in a campaign to ban the import of fur products into the UK.

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