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For the third year in a row financial times She studied how well employees view their employers on gender equality in gender distribution, race, age, occupational differences, and openness to all forms of sexual orientation. Statista conducted a survey of 850 European companies, involving more than 100,000 employees.

Among the Swedish companies distinguished by the quality of gender equality, Essity ranked first, followed by Alfa Laval and Volvo Car Group, in second place. See the full list of the results obtained by the Swedish companies surveyed Here. Here are the top ten places.

  1. Essity (25th International)
  2. Alfa Laval, Volvo Cars Group (ranked 94th and 97th globally)
  3. Ericsson (104th internationally)
  4. Airports of Sweden (ranked 106 internationally)
  5. Husqvarna, Scania, SJ (128th place internationally)
  6. Epiroc, Swedbank (135th place internationally)
  7. Sweden match (156th international)
  8. Atlas Copco (157th International)
  9. Max Hamburger, Rosta (170 and 171 places worldwide)
  10. Scandic Hotels (ranked 178 globally)

IKEA, registered in the Netherlands, ranks ninth internationally. Ahead of IKEA, France’s Hermès ranks first, followed by Giorgio Armani (Italy), Infineon (Germany), Expedia (UK), Ahorramas (Spain), Salling Group (Denmark), DNB (Norway), and Microsoft (USA).

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