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Here's LG's new lifestyle TV

Here’s LG’s new lifestyle TV

The LG 2022 TV models will actually be launched first at CES in Las Vegas in January, but traditionally LG will release small “teasers” from the 2022 range now before Christmas! We just heard about their new product line Lifestyle TV, which are meant to be developed for everyday home-centered life.

The first models in the series are called LG Object TV / 65Art90 And LG StanbyME / 27Art10. Both screens have a somewhat unique form factor that should help them blend seamlessly into the interior.

LG Object TV (65Art90)

65 inch OLED screen covered with screen/cloth that can be raised and lowered according to the use of the TV. The fabric comes from Danish Kvadrat and is available in three colors (Beige, Kvadrat Redwood and Green). When watching TV, the fabric screen will be completely submerged, but it can also partially cover the screen when used for other things, including selected lifestyle features. the situation line width It, for example, uses part of the screen to display up-to-date information such as the time and date, and it can act as a music player. In addition, it can display exclusive still images with themes of space and nature in the . format Gallery.

The 65Art90 uses an OLED evo panel and the advanced a9 gen.4 image processor, which we recognize from the top model OLED G1. But the LG Objet TV also has a 4.2 channel 80W audio system, which is probably louder than a regular TV. The monitor can be wall-mounted, or angled to the wall with a tilt of up to five degrees, LG says.

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LG StanbyME (27Art10)

The LG StanbyME 27Art10 is a battery-powered (!) TV with up to three hours of battery life. It rolls onto a stand with wheels, and should fit everything from watching movies to video conferencing. The screen can be rotated, tilted, rotated, raised, lowered, and used in both portrait and landscape formats. Almost like some kind of tablet? The TV features touch function, supports phone screen mirroring and NFC via Android and iOS, with its own stand for mobile phone. It can also be connected to a computer via USB or HDMI. The back piece is dressed in a solid beige fabric pattern. When the LG StanbyME is not being used as a TV, it can instead be used to display artwork, photos, or as a watch.

LG Object TV / 65Art90. (Photo: LG)

LG’s new Lifestyle TV will be introduced during CES 2022, when we’ll likely learn more about pricing and availability.

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