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The first 'Splinter Cell' game gets a remake |  Movie Zen

The first ‘Splinter Cell’ game gets a remake | Movie Zen

Sam Fisher returns in a modern remake of the classic Xbox game from 2002.

Agent Sam Fisher and “Splinter Cell”The Ubisoft series has been dormant since 2013 when “Splinter Cell: Blacklist” was released, but now they have decided to revive the series.

It’s Ubisoft Toronto, behind “Splinter Cell: Blacklist” and “Far Cry 6”, and it’s a remake of the first game from 2002, originally released for Xbox only.

One of the things that I think is really exciting with this project, is that the most recent games we’ve worked with have been really big worlds. What I love about the “Splinter Cell” map is that each square foot is intentionally generated, part of a selection, presents a direct option or has a direct branch. This game intensity is at the forefront of the “Splinter Cell” game, and it will be very important to us, Producer Matt West says.

The studio is building the game from the ground up and has updated graphics and modern designs to make the game suitable for today’s gamers.

It will probably take a few years before that “Splinter Cell” Seeing the light of day, Ubisoft describes the project as “in early development” while still looking for people to work with the game.

The game revolves around former US Marine Sam Fisher, who is recruited by the mysterious NSA squad Third Echelon to carry out secret missions. The series is based on Metal Gear Solid and the main character is often compared to Solid Snake, although Splinter Cell has a more realistic, more serious tone. Author Tom Clancy co-wrote the first game.

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Did you play your first “Splinter Cell” when you went? Will you play the remake?