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Here are the most useful – and most useless – sweets

Here are the most useful – and most useless – sweets

Here are the most useful – and most useless – sweets

Some types of candy are healthier than others. But there is no particularly useful dessert. Image: TT / TT / TT

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No candy is particularly good for your health, but some types of candy are healthier than others. Here are the most beneficial ones — and the ones you really should avoid.

Dessert is good but not healthy. There are many different types of candies, each with different benefits and different tastes. But which candy is really “best” for health? And what’s worse? Here you have the answers.

healthy candy

  1. Dark chocolate: Dark chocolate, especially varieties with a high cocoa content (70% or higher), is known to have many potential health benefits. First, dark chocolate is rich in flavonoids, a type of antioxidant that can help prevent cell damage. In addition, dark chocolate can improve heart health by increasing HDL (“good cholesterol”) and decreasing LDL (“bad cholesterol”).
  2. Polka pigs: Although traditionally made with sugar, peppermint oil, and water, it does not contain gelatin or artificial colors like many other candies. The polka dot peppermint oil may have some digestive-soothing properties. But even if they don’t contain any additives, Polka Pigs are still very high in sugar.
  3. Snickers: Snickers, which contains peanuts, nougat, and caramel, differs from many other chocolate bars by containing a combination of protein (from the peanuts) and fiber. This combination can make you feel full as compared to the regular chocolate cake. The peanuts in Snickers also add some healthy fats to the bar.
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The most useless candy

  1. Raspberry Jelly and Other Jelly Desserts: These sweets are usually very high in sugar and have almost no nutritional value. It may also contain artificial colors and flavors. Jelly raspberries contain gelatin, which by itself isn’t necessarily unhealthy, but when combined with loads of sugar and additives, the result is a dessert that’s high in calories and low in nutrients.
  2. Filled chocolate (such as centers or blobs): While all chocolate contains sugar and fat, chocolate bars with additional fillings such as caramel or nougat contain higher levels of these fats. These additional ingredients add extra calories and sugar, making it one of the unhealthiest types of candy.
  3. Sour skulls and other sour desserts: Sour skulls and similar types of candy often contain a lot of sugar, as well as acids (such as citric acid) to give them their distinctive sour taste. It may also contain artificial colors and flavors. The combination of sugar and acid is particularly harmful to dental health, as it can contribute to dental erosion.

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