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In memory of Martin Magnusson

In memory of Martin Magnusson

In his youth, Martin was a dedicated and very good chess player. Those who had the honor of knowing him, as a young medical student, remember that he also participated in the work of the Student Union. Martin had a good sense of common goals and soon ended up as a student representative on the Council of the Doctors' Union. Martin was easy to get to know and had fun together, sometimes surprisingly, as when he bought a car without a driving license and thus for a while had to take a taxi to work as a substitute doctor at the Oskarshamn Hospital.

Oscarshamn's life continued as a potential future surgeon. A course he soon abandoned in favor of medicine and Anita, his soulmate and future wife.

He has developed into a personal friend who is highly regarded by many, due to his humble personality, loyalty, and sense of humor.

We remember good dinners, American football, and not least, after the golf match, how he went from a tired employee who often arrived late, to the one who arrived first and was energized after playing 9 holes early in the morning. Since then an interest in golf has permeated Martin's spare time.

Eventually, Martin and Anita moved to Linköping and the family expanded. They had two children, Carl and Peter, and now have their own families. Martin had 4 grandchildren who really missed their grandfather.

In Linköping, Martin trained to become a doctor, and above all a nephrologist. He soon received various assignments, such as building dialysis operations at Motala Hospital, before being appointed Head of the Clinic of the Nephrology Clinic, where he also successfully defended his thesis in 1991. He remained there for a few years before it was time to move on to new duties, as Director Centre, Community Health Director, Development Director and Chief Medical Officer, all the while with a clinical anchor, and was always well-liked and respected at all camps. In short, he is a role model for many.

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Martin's profound medical competence, integrity and diplomatic skills made him a very important part of the administration of the University Hospital in Linköping and the administration of health care in the Östergötland region. In the most complex and difficult cases, Martin was called upon to lead investigations and find wise solutions. Martin never asserted himself, his guiding light was always the patient, the quality and safety of care, and many wise decisions were made thanks to his analytical ability and his ability to create consensus even in matters where many strong wills sometimes pulled in different directions. .

Martin grew up in Gothenburg and has always been loyal to the West Coast through the family's summer paradise of Kladsholmen. There, many friends enjoyed warm hospitality and enjoyed delicious seafood according to Martin's own recipes.

All of us who had the privilege of being Martin's friends, co-workers and colleagues miss him dearly. Our deepest condolences to his immediate family, wife, children and grandchildren.